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The Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year award honors an organization’s contribution to both reducing its carbon footprint and improving society through equity, diversity and inclusion, sustainability and resiliency. It recognizes a specific program or project that breaks down traditional barriers and inspires action on sustainability issues, including setting carbon reduction targets, reducing emissions, prioritizing workforce diversity of external projects, and helping its suppliers achieve sustainability goals through resources and trainings.

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Eligibility & Criteria

  • Company
  • May be peer or self-nominated. 
  • Company that demonstrates setting ambitious but realistic sustainability goals.
  • Company that demonstrates measurable, sustainable change because of the project (include baselines, metrics and key performance indicators.)
  • Demonstrates clear communication of goals with suppliers. Example: provided programs, training, and resources to help suppliers meet the company’s sustainability goals. (feedback and/or supplier testimonials required).
  • The Company’s project/program serves as an inspiration for other offshore wind companies.
  • The project goes beyond standard sustainability practices providing a significant, long-lasting impact within the organization’s culture.

Business Network board members, Awards Committee, and jurors are ineligible to submit for individual awards during their terms of service. Their company is still permitted to submit a nomination, in which case the individual Board member, committee member, or juror will be recused from judging for that category.

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Process & Submission Requirements

Application materials must be submitted as a single PDF file via the online portal. You can use the Submission Template or create your own document for submission. Each page must include the entry category, project title (as applicable), and page number at the top. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, single space. The Award Application submission should include:

  • Title page: Include the name (individual/company/organization), project name, and project location (as applicable).
  • Executive Summary (max 500 words): A brief overview of the project. Explain all factors that exhibit the project’s uniqueness and complexity, such as innovative engineering, challenges faced, and overall social impact.
  • Description (max 2,000 words): Address the criteria for the category you are entering. Describe why this project is worthy of special recognition. Entrants may use text, photos, graphics, organizational charts as needed.
  • Overview (max 7 pages): Showcase organizational information, project description/approach (including problem solved, if applicable), implementation strategy, results and outcomes, as well as outlines key participants/team members, owner/client (if applicable), and images.
  • Images: High resolution headshot or group photo and company logo (300 dpi).

All applicants will be judged solely on their submitted materials.

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