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Award Finalists

Ventus Awards

2023 Innovation of the Year

Bardex Corporation

Bardex Corporation is an employee-owned company headquartered in Goleta, California. The team has extensive technical experience in heavy load handling and positioning technologies with 22 patents granted and over 300 projects completed. Bardex offers full lifecycle support, from conceptual design analysis and planning to manufacturing, packing, and delivery. This includes field engineering services for commissioning, start-up, and maintenance, as well as replacement parts and assembly for specialized mechanical and hydraulic machinery. 

The OmniLift™ integrates three proven engineering technologies: shiplift chain jacks, the long span steel truss, and lift span bridges. Unique to the Bardex system is the ability to directly lower the floater for wet tow and retrieve floaters back to dry land for major O&M and/or extending the life of the floating offshore wind platforms. This revolutionary integration of proven technologies leverages the strengths of each technology to create a lifting device that expands heavy lift capability beyond what was previously considered possible.  


Fugro’s remote subsea inspection solution is a convergent innovation leveraging their Blue Essence® USV, Blue Volta® eROV, high-bandwidth satellite connectivity, and remote operating centers. As proven on a recent European offshore wind project, the solution eliminates the need to mobilize personnel and equipment onto survey vessels. Instead Fugro conducts work remotely in a virtual environment that allows real-time client collaboration for improved decision-making. It’s a game-changing innovation, delivering faster, safer, and more sustainable subsea inspections.

Triton Anchor
Triton Anchor

Triton Anchor is developing economically responsible anchoring technology to reduce the levelized cost of energy for the floating offshore wind industry. Our system is based on readily accessible helical piles that are grouped together with an exterior skirt to provide more efficient geotechnical holding capacity. Unique to this anchor system is the environmentally friendly design that provides more capacity per pound of steel and its silent installation methodology.

University of Aberdeen
University of Aberdeen / Raghu Mahadevappa

Research findings at the University of Aberdeen have laid the groundwork for exploring the feasibility of deploying higher-power floating wind farms with catenary mooring systems comprising studless steel chains and polymer components. These advancements unlock consistent and robust wind potential in deeper water regions of harsh offshore environments and contribute to the challenging and emerging needs of upstream renewable energy industry, driving innovation-led socio-economic benefits to wider society.

X1 Wind
X1 Wind

X1 Wind has developed an innovative floating wind platform for the offshore wind market with the aim of significantly reducing capital expenditures and levelized cost of energy. The main objective is to make floating offshore wind cost-effective and untap the huge wind energy potential of deep-water locations. X1 Wind’s approach is based on a downwind configured weathervane platform that makes an efficient structural design possible while minimizing environmental impact on the ocean.