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Ventus Gala

2023 Ventus Award Winner

Ventus Awards

Innovation of the year

Triton Anchor: Helical Anchoring for Floating Offshore Wind

Triton Anchor has developed economically responsible anchoring technology that reduces the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for the floating offshore wind industry.

Triton’s anchor system solves many problems that occur in current anchoring methods. Their innovative approach is based on readily accessible helical piles that are grouped together with an exterior skirt to provide more efficient geotechnical holding capacity.  While other anchors have only two design knobs, or variables (length, diameter, etc.), Triton’s anchor has five knobs that can be adjusted to provide the most cost-effective solution. It also offers a new method of installation that lessens environmental impact on marine life and the seafloor. The system is an environmentally friendly design that provides more capacity per pound of steel and a silent installation methodology. Triton Anchor is dedicated to using this innovation to activate labor from underrepresented communities in regions local to marine energy areas.