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Ventus Awards

2023 Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year

Benchmark Labs
Benchmark Labs

Benchmark Labs provides point specific 15-day weather forecasts to improve safety and efficiency for maritime operations. ML based forecasts are produced by downscaling gridded models to the location of an individual weather station or smart buoy, reducing errors by up to 85%. Maritime crews require safe weather windows to reach turbines for installation and repairs. This technology improves repair times, reduces maintenance and operations costs, and prevents weather-related injuries from unexpected turbulent seas and windy conditions.

Black and Veatch
Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch is an employee-owned engineering, procurement, and construction company with over 100 years of innovations in sustainable infrastructure. Black & Veatch believes safety doesn’t occur by accident – it is thoroughly planned and developed for each specific project site. 

Black & Veatch has developed a HSE model combining the safety protocols for onshore construction with the uniqueness of the quayside environment including working at heights and marine training protocols. This scope is currently being executed on the first utility scale offshore wind project in the U.S., Vineyard Wind 1, through supporting the deployment of the first 13MW offshore (WTGs) installed in U.S. federal waters. Using the safety method developed for offshore wind quayside wind turbine management and deployment, they have had zero recordables and improved the execution duration of tasks allowing for more focused evaluation of new processes being introduced with the changing site dynamics. 

Riggs Distler
Riggs Distler

Riggs Distler, a trusted leader and strategic partner in the energy and utility sectors, brings over a century of experience as one of the largest union utility, mechanical, and electrical contractors in the U.S. Based in New Jersey with a regional presence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, they are actively constructing the local supply chain needed to bolster the offshore wind industry as a Tier 1 general contractor across multiple states. Riggs Distler has established baselines, metrics, and key performance indicators that track safety and environmental performance.  Riggs Distler’s Safety Program for South Fork Wind has transcended typical HSE programs, instilling a lasting culture of safety, health, and environmental consciousness. The South Fork Wind project’s impact is quantifiable, measurable, and sustainable. It has established baselines, metrics, and key performance indicators that track safety and environmental performance.