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Ventus Awards

2023 Advancement in Project Siting & Development

Heerema Engineering Solutions

The installation of an offshore wind farm is a critical phase in any development, which is why a robust and cost-effective construction strategy is essential. Heerema Engineering Solutions has developed Metis, a parallel discrete event simulation tool, to ensure clients can gain insights into project durations, costs, and risks. By analyzing these insights, Heerema optimizes project execution strategies to provide the best chance for project completion in a cost-effective and timely manner.

OSI Renewables
OSI Renewables

OSI Renewables™ leverages Oil States’ more than 40 years of fixed offshore and deepwater floating infrastructure expertise in its patent pending FTLP. The FTLP system is scalable to over 20MW and capable of water depths up to 150 meters and wave heights up to 20 meters, significantly expanding opportunities for offshore wind development. The FTLP also offers a low CO2 footprint, saving up to 4,070 carbon units compared to a semi-submersible hull, and reduces seabed environmental impact by utilizing fewer and smaller anchors.


TGS, a leading energy data and intelligence company, has introduced a revolutionizing approach to critical data collection in the offshore wind market. It launched the world’s first multi-client floating LiDAR buoy measurement campaign in 2022, allowing multiple stakeholders to subscribe to the same wind and meta ocean data. This campaign was first introduced in the United States New York Bight area and has since scaled up to include five buoys along the East Coast. This groundbreaking initiative, which reduces costs and improves offshore wind development cycle times, is now expanding globally.