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2022 Ventus Award Winner

Ventus Awards

Supply Chain Advancement - Public Sector: Maryland Energy Administration

Maryland Energy Administration 

Project Submission: A Holistic Approach to Offshore Wind Investment  

MEAThe Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) was an early supporter of the offshore wind industry. MEA and the State of Maryland have sought to establish a competitive offshore wind supply chain in the state. MEA has taken a holistic approach to creating an offshore wind market consisting of Maryland-based businesses and skilled workers. This approach includes investments in strategies to de-risk offshore wind development, decrease the levelized cost of energy of offshore wind projects, centralize Maryland as an offshore wind supply chain hub for the east coast, and increase the economic opportunities available for businesses and individuals.  

MEA has accomplished this by: 

  • Actively engaging in offshore wind policy and legislation 
  • Investing in research through membership organizations such as the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC), the Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA), and the Regional Wildlife Science Collaborative (RWSC), that help to de-risk offshore wind energy investments 
  • Providing financial resources for businesses and individuals to get involved in the offshore wind energy supply chain and workforce 
  • Partnering with the Business Network for Offshore Wind to create educational resources, 
  • Partnering with other Maryland state agencies through an offshore wind Work Group 
  • Partnering with neighboring states through the Strategic Mid-Atlantic Regional Transformative Partnership for Offshore Wind Energy Resources (SMART-POWER) partnership.