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Foundation 2 Blade: Floating

Foundation 2 Blade: Floating is the industry’s most comprehensive training program for businesses who are ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the advent of floating wind turbines in the offshore wind industry. Over the course of multiple sessions, you will gain the tools, resources, and industry connections that prepare your business to successfully adapt to this new technology that will vastly increase the number of viable offshore wind projects.

Because of the industry’s size and complexity, offshore wind requires the work of many diverse business sectors. The opportunities are growing, but it can be difficult to enter the industry on your own. The time and resources needed to successfully enter the market often cost businesses hundreds of expensive consulting hours. The Network has used its experience building the original Foundation 2 Blade program to develop this new program, providing the same benefits to businesses but with a focus on the new frontier of floating turbines. Enrolling in Foundation 2 Blade: Floating greatly reduces your research and onboarding costs and helps you break into the market by answering three critical questions:

  • Where do I fit in the supply chain?
  • How do I enter the market?
  • Who do I need to connect with in the industry?

Let the Network do the work for you – we are the offshore wind experts.

Foundation 2 Blade: Floating offers six, comprehensive learning modules:

Introduction to offshore wind

Gain a comprehensive overview of offshore wind, from its early days in Denmark to its current status as a global renewable energy industry. Learn about key markets in Europe, Asia, and South America and what businesses are needed to grow the U.S.-based supply chain.

Siting and permitting

The siting and permitting phase of an offshore wind project includes site evaluation and investigations, securing the site, project approvals and financing, and procurement. Learn about the specific business opportunities in this early phase of offshore wind development.


Thousands of small components are needed in the manufacturing of turbines, floating foundations, cables, vessels, and onshore and offshore substations. Many of these components can be fabricated locally, offering robust opportunities for small to large manufacturers.

Construction and installation

The construction and installation phase of a floating offshore wind project requires multiple port facilities, a variety of vessels, and extensive planning and adherence to strict health and safety standards. This later phase of offshore wind development offers multiple opportunities for a diverse set of business sectors.

Operations and maintenance

The safe, clean, efficient, and profitable generational of electrical power from wind is the objective of all preceding phases of a floating offshore wind project. Learn what is needed to maintain an established floating wind farm and learn if your business can play a role.

Entering the offshore wind supply chain

Based on its size and complexity, offshore wind requires the work of many diverse industry sectors. Understanding how and where a company fits into the process is key to winning a contract.

The Multi-day training includes:

Foundation 2 Blade
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  • A 250-page textbook that will serve as your primary reference as you start to work in the industry.
  • 16 hours of instruction
  • 24+ hours of video tutorials
  • An overview of “who’s who” in the industry
  • One-one-one support. The Business Network’s training team and industry experts want you to succeed and become a thriving business in the offshore wind supply chain. The Network team will answer your questions and connect you to the right people in the industry – even after you graduate from the training.

Industry Roundtable: Establish Critical Connections

Each Foundation 2 Blade: Floating delivery features expert speakers from throughout the supply chain, including developers, Tier 1 suppliers, and policy experts. Their knowledge, first-hand experience, and industry connections help your business get plugged in – business networking is critical for success in this growing industry. Foundation 2 Blade: Floating graduates join a strong, growing, and well-connected alumni network that can help you succeed in offshore wind. The alumni network of Foundation 2 Blade: Floating is a critical resource for moving ahead in this industry.

Attend Foundation 2 Blade: Floating and you will:

  • Understand the phases and operations of floating offshore wind project development
  • Determine where your company best fits in the supply chain
  • Identify how you might diversify your products and services
  • Understand the contracting process
  • Learn a broad range of floating offshore wind terminology
  • Identify additional training or certification requirements
  • Identify unique, competitive advantages for your business
  • Develop or modify a business/market-entry plan
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to pitch your business with offshore wind professionals

Specialized Offshore Wind Ready Programs for U.S. States

The Business Network for Offshore Wind partners with state agencies to offer Foundation 2 Blade: Floating at a discounted rate for local businesses. The state-sponsored delivery of this training highlights local, state-specific business opportunities in floating offshore wind. States that we have partnered with include Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia. If you are interested in learning about this training for your state, contact Hunter Stephenson.

Who Should Attend:

  • Foundation 2 Blade: Floating is for everyone. It’s for companies who are looking to identify opportunities in the supply chain. It’s for local policy makers, officials, and regulators who want to understand how the benefits and challenges of this industry will integrate with their responsibilities, and it’s for job seekers and students who are looking for a career.  


  • The special price for the inaugural Foundation 2 Blade: Floating training is  $1,395 (for Business Network members and non-members).


  • Join us for the inaugural Foundation 2 Blade: Floating training, taking place March 27-28 in Baltimore. 
  • Register here.

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