WindMatch™ is a proven networking service that provides IPF attendees the opportunity to speak one-on-one with decision-makers from top offshore wind companies from across the globe. WindMatch™ allows you to set up 1:1 half-hour meetings with colleagues from other attending companies. Important: you must register for WindMatch™ in advance of the conference.

Why WindMatch™?

  • Connect to a network of synergistic businesses, suppliers, and associated organizations engaged in the offshore wind industry.
  • Create active channels for business transactions.
  • Start a dialogue that will help you develop and share specialized infrastructure, labor markets, and services.
  • Build relationships with entities outside your geographic region to leverage your competitive strengths and expand business opportunities.
  • Develop networks for business financing, business-to-business sales, education, and workforce development, as well as opportunities to expand into markets nationally and internationally.

Requesting WindMatch Appointments on the IPF App

Step 1

Download the 2023 IPF app. Click here for instructions on how to download the app

Step 2

In the 2023 IPF app, click the “Attendees” button at the top

Step 3

Search for the person you want to make an appointment with and click on the person’s name. Alternatively, you can also go to your Schedule button and click the plus sign.

Step 4

Click the “Schedule appointment” button. If there is no “Schedule Appointment” button under their name, they have opted out of WindMatch™ and you cannot make an appointment with them.

Step 5

Available times: Click on one of the two times listed or click “View all times” for more day and time options. Click the time to select it.

Subject: Enter a short title in the subject field (required).

Location: Select the dropdown menu. Click either “Custom Location” or “WindMatch area”. We have provided an area in the Foyer of Ballroom 1 on level 4 of the Baltimore Convention Center. If you are choosing a custom location, be sure to add the location in your message.

Message: Add your message. We suggest adding details about who you are and your availability to make it easier for the person to suggest an alternate day or time.

Notes: Optionally, you can add a note for yourself in the Notes field. This information will appear only to you unless you choose to make it viewable to the person you are meeting with.

Click the Book Appointment button. You will see a Success message and the person will get an email notification of the appointment.

Note that your meeting is not scheduled until the other person accepts your request. If the person accepts your request, you will get an email that says who accepted your request and will confirm the date, time, and location.

Viewing and Accepting Your WindMatch™ appointments

You can view your WindMatch invitations in a couple of ways:

  • You will receive an email from the system with each request.
  • In the app, click the New Appointments box, then click the View Requests button.

Respond to your WindMatch appointment by clicking on it to view the details, then clicking either the Decline or Accept button. The Appointment will show under My Schedule tab. You can also propose a new time.

Where to Meet at 2023 IPF

During IPF, there will be a dedicated WindMatch™ meeting area in the foyer area outside of Ballroom I, on Level 4 of the Baltimore Convention Center. If you want to meet somewhere else, you can propose an alternate location in the Message area of your WindMatch™ request or by using the IPF app chat. 

Questions about WindMatch™?