Startup Alley

Learn about offshore wind business innovations from the winners of Startup Alley.

For the second year, the Business Network for Offshore Wind has partnered with SeaAhead, a blue tech startup platform that helps accelerate the growth and development of new companies who are working on issues related to ocean industries and sustainability.

SeaAhead has selected 12 startup companies to deliver five-minute pitches to IPF attendees and participate in a moderated Q&A session. Congratulations to the following companies (see below) who have been selected to present their business innovations at 2023 IPF! Companies will present their pitches in two sessions on Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30.

Aikido Technologies

Aikido Technologies is developing innovative technologies for the floating wind industry. We want to bring low-cost, clean electricity to coastal cities around the world. Our technology uniquely unlocks local maritime infrastructure to create high-paying jobs and long-term benefits to the local communities.

Sam Kanner


Aloft Systems

At Aloft we design and manufacture modern sails for commercial ships, reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions immediately. These sails are modular, and self-contained allowing them to be installed on nearly any vessel and operate and coordinate autonomously requiring no input from the vessel crew.

Miles Keeney-Ritchie


Blackfish Engineering

Marine engineering and product design firm with expertise in ocean renewable energy. With our partners we have developed and have field tested the first on-turbine electric vessel charging system. Our innovation provides a pathway for decarbonization of CTV and SOV marine operations.

Marcus Gay


Blue Ocean Gear

Blue Ocean Gear provides intelligent, connected buoys for tracking gear on the ocean, primarily for commercial fishing fleets but extensible to other ocean industries. This not only prevents gear loss, but also allows critical ocean data to be transmitted from zones of economic interest.

Kortney Opshaug


CLS Wind

CLS Wind is developing a unique system – applicable both onshore and offshore – to lift ANY size wind turbine component to ANY height, with smaller capacity cranes/vessels . We aim to help all stakeholders (farm owners/operators, EPCs, OEMs, port operators, others) to solve the lack of high-capacity cranes & vessels with this groundbreaking, efficient, safe and economical technology.

Kent Johnson



At Cut-In, we believe there is a domestic supply chain ready to deliver on offshore wind projects–including many suppliers from high-priority and disadvantaged communities. We’re building a better supplier database that uses objective data to prove suppliers’ readiness to work in offshore wind, which jumpstarts matchmaking with developers, tier 1, and other buyers. Cut-In serves as a hub for buyers, suppliers, and community partners to track economic impact in real time at local and regional levels, letting the existing American supply chain work to make offshore wind possible.

Jonathan Salzman



We have both a unique floating platform that integrates offshore wind, with wave and ocean currents and can support other offshore technologies like OTEC and aqauculture.

Roy Robinson

Fathom Science

At Fathom Science, we know that you can’t manage what you don’t understand. Our cutting-edge metocean intelligence goes beyond simply re-packaging publicly available data. With industry-leading, world-class science, we fill gaps in existing data sets, predict future conditions, and deliver precisely the information you need for efficiency and success. Whether it’s optimizing offshore turbine placement or predicting current vectors that could impact your activities, Fathom Science provides actionable insights to help our clients thrive in a constantly moving ocean environment.

Jennifer Warrillow



FINSULATE® wraps solve the age-old problem of marine fouling with a non-toxic (no biocides, no heavy metals, no PFAs), cost-effective (dual corrosion & anti fouling barrier), and durable solution (fully recyclable) inspired by nature itself. It is the only marine foul release solution on the market (750+ boats equipped to date, some going on with the initial wrap for 8 years) that breaks the toxic cycle of anti fouling painting and repainting.It has received 23 patents in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Bernard Hidier


MetOx Technologies

MetOx Technologies is a Houston-based manufacturer of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) wire, an alternative conductor technology capable of transmitting electricity at essentially zero loss, when cooled with liquid nitrogen. This revolutionary technology can carry up to 10x more power than conventional copper when used in underground and subsea cables which enables transmission-level power capacity at distribution-level voltages, using much smaller and/or existing rights-of-way, all while dramatically reducing line loss. In addition to being able to eliminate or reduce the size of transformers required in offshore wind farms, HTS wire can also be used in wind turbines themselves, making them smaller and up to 40% lighter because of the significant reduction of copper used in HTS wire.

Jay Vitha



SeaDeep provides software to empower a new generation of autonomous subsea vision. Using the entire light spectrum, SeaDeep’s edge-enabled image processing can enable legacy underwater vehicles to assess underwater environments and substructures in real time without human aid. Solving the problems born from preexisting subsea inspection technologies, SeaDeep will ensure operators in energy, defense, and infrastructure have the knowledge required to defend, and maintain their assets.

Eric Osherow



Whiffle has the world’s first LES-based operational weather model that can perform highly accurate, ultra-high-resolution weather forecasts for the renewable energy market. Whiffle can provide a weather forecast on a scale of 10 by 10 meters and thereby it becomes possible to take local factors into account, such as vegetation, landscape, sea state, obstacles, wake, and blockage effects which influence the weather conditions locally. Our highly advanced weather model makes renewable energy production more predictable, both in the planning & development phase and in the operational phase.

Fardau Vandergalien